Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Remove No Follow tag.Increase backlinks.

Link baiting is a tough job. Don't you agree?

Commenting on other blog posts will surely increase your visitors, if not for your content sake, at least for courtesy sake. But that is not our purpose. We want repeat visitors because they are interested in your blog content.

Oh, sorry, I am getting diverted.

Many are under the impression that the links in your comments are followed but it is not so unless you remove the 'No Follow' tag in your comment. Once removed, then you are sure that you have left behind your links to be followed by search engines.

How to remove the 'No Follow' tag?
Read Beta bloggers for dummies.
Don't forget to say thanks in his comments field.

Then please visit 'Tricia's Musings' and read the blog post fully that explains how to get in to a network of bloggers who follow your comment. Just follow the clear instructions. When you complete it, you will see a widget like the one that is in this blog's side bar.

Since I just sent an email to Tricia, it will be sometime before my blog gets added in the list.
But my other blog 'Is It So?' has been added in the 'Do Follow Bloggers' network. You will find it almost at the end of the list.

If you are up to it, please spread the word.
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