Monday, October 21, 2013

How to increase your website social rank?

Before you call 1 800-882-1500 to find out how can help your web site gain social rank, please read further to gain valuable insight on the meaning of social rank and how it plays a crucial role in today’s Internet marketing scenario.

Essentially, there are two major ways a website is made popular in the Internet. One way is making your site optimized for the search engines using the old methods so that organic search results put you on the first page of search engines.

The second method is to mostly bypass the major search engines and implement an active social media marketing campaign so that your website is found out by only 100% targeted audience.

This second method is one by which a web site goes about increasing its social rank. It means your site is talked about by people in the leading social media networks that include Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pintrest. 

What is meant by ‘talked about’? Read the following points.
·       *  When targeted people like your Facebook postings and share them on their Facebook wall
·      *   When your twitter timeline posts are retweeted by those who are considered as authorities in your niche
·      *   When you post your blog posts in Google+, others repost them on their G+ profile pages
And so on...

These kinds of actions generate social signals pointing to your website or blog. This is a time consuming work and is better left to professional SEO managers. Rank Giant is one of them that offer affordable Social Marketing packages. They are a highly experienced internet marketing firm that employs over 100 Internet marketers.

Now, are you ready to call them at 1 800-882-1500?      
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