Sunday, June 28, 2015

Best online money earning source in India.

Ever since I started earning money online, I never stopped exploring new sources. Please note that I do not touch sources that fetch in cents that include GPT programs.  My attractions are paid to blog opportunities and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing in India is now blooming which was not so 10 years before. With so many online shopping portals, there is really no dearth of online money for Indians.

I have joined in as many as 8 shopping portals as a promoting partner and out of them, my favorite is The range of products in flipkart matches Amazon India though the customer reviews are more in the latter. Flipkart should put in efforts to encourage their buyers to leave their feedback. Alternatively, they can ask the sellers to reward their buyers for opinion.

However, there is one thing that is distinctly lacking in the affiliate marketing field in India. Generating affiliate links is really a cumbersome task for promoters like me and we usually end up with ugly looking affiliate URLs that run into three lines!

There are so may startups getting launched in India and I foresee someone smart would seize this blooming period to launch an affiliate aggregator online.

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