Monday, September 19, 2016

Meta Description-what and why?

New bloggers, just born website owners, Internet marketing analysts and consultants (notice that I left out the so called "experienced")  should know what  'meta description' is and why it is important.

Ah, I know you have read in many blogs that Google does not consider meta description while indexing a web page. Still, you and I or even Google is likely to click on a search result that quickly tells you what the web page is about instead of another search result whose meta description makes you quickly scratch your head or makes you reach for a dictionary.

Have I got you?

Here is a simple but excellent tutorial about the subject, "Meta Description-what and why?".

I am you will also appreciate it.


Contents of this on-page seo guide.

Chapter 1 - Advertising
Chapter 2 - Anchor Text Optimization
Chapter 3 - Blogging
Chapter 4 - Content
Chapter 5 - Domain Names
Chapter 6 - Headings
Chapter 7 - HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Chapter 8 - HTTPS / SSL
Chapter 9 - Image Optimization
Chapter 10 - Internal Linking
Chapter 11- Keywords: Proximity, Density and Prominence
Chapter 12 - Meta Description Optimization
Chapter 13 - Page Speed Optimization
Chapter 14 - Rel=Canonical Tag
Chapter 15 - Responsiveness and Mobile Friendliness
Chapter 16 - Robots.txt and Meta Robots
Chapter 17 - Server Optimization
Chapter 18 - Social Sharing and Social Media
Chapter 19 - Structured Data and Schema Markup
Chapter 20 - Title Tag Optimization
Chapter 21 - URL Structure and Permalinks
Chapter 22 - XML and Website Sitemap

Friday, September 16, 2016

Increase your FaceBook, Pinterest, Instagram and email followers free.

We bloggers try various blog promotional avenues sincerely and to some extent, we experience a little success in every attempt. Blogs getting more readers via Facebook and Pinterest and vice versa are all known to us.

I came to know about a free tool to increase our Facebook and Pinterest followers using our blog. It seems a simple work and no time investment is needed once you set it up in your WP/blogger based blog.

The tool is called Milo Tree and is free.

How it works?
It is a pop up (non-invasive of course) type that shows your FB and Pinterest profile at the bottom  right corner of your blog.

See the sample images below:

Image via:
Image via:

I read several positive reviews about this "social media followers increasing tool".
Increase your FB, Pinterest, Instagram and email followers free now.

Friday, September 09, 2016

The cheapest amplifier foot switch for learners.

Fender one button foot switch
The image above is a one button foot switch meant for Mustang I and II amplifiers.  It is the cheapest foot switch and mostly learners and kids up to the age of 16 prefer them as they are not yet pro and perform in schools and cultural programs organized in gated communities.

A foot switch is an excellent innovation for musicians; with a foot switch, they can achieve a few things such as changing a channel, modify the reverb/bass settings etc thus keeping their hands totally on their music instrument.

Have you ever watched a guitarist play live using a foot switch to change amplifier settings? I have and they looked to play with style; I mean the musicians wore a look of style while flicking/pressing a foot switch with their foot.

 Guitar Center sells a range of original foot switches meant for different amplifiers.