Monday, May 02, 2016

How can a blogger use Pinterest for blog promotion?

For the past hour or so, I have been clicking on PINS  in related to
money blogging
blog traffic increasing

The following points were observed by me on what made to click on a PIN to read further. After all, this is the success of the said pinners in Pinterest and I must pay rich accolades on their creativity to PIN an image on correctly named boards and the compelling title that force you to click on.

Of all the PINs that I clicked today, I realized that I wanted to know more on how bloggers should make use of Pinterest to
attract new visitors
increase the number of visits of followers
sell anything through blogs
stamp your authority on your blog's niche

When I started composing this blog post, I thought I would show at least 5 PINs on which I clicked related to using PINTEREST for blog promotion. Now, I realize I am not able to do that because, I have collected and saved as many as 23 PINs on the topic of my interest.

One thing I can assure you that PINTEREST can be anyone's ultimate content curation tool. I forced myself to pull away from Pinterest.

Oh, let me at least show blow a PIN. I am sure you will click on it to read what is inside.
How to use Pinterest for blog promotion.

Note: I am not the authors of the PIN.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Red hot deals on music instruments and accessories.

I was under false impression that people look for online deals only related to groceries as they are certainly a big money saver over the time. I mean, things that you need on a daily basis are bought more frequently and thus you would look for deals and discounts.

How stupid I have been! Apart from home makers like you and I, every category of people tend to find online , things they need for their professional life such as music instruments, medical instruments and even artist needs!

These products are not consumables and hence are not bought online frequently but all the leading brands on the above mentioned examples do offer fantastic discounts.

For example, a guitar originally priced at Rs.43,000 is now on sale for Rs.20,000 only at Musicians Friend.

A beginner clarinet player can buy his own clarinet for only Rs.9300, a discount of approximately Rs.20,000. That’s a big deal really-don’t you think so?

Next week, I intend to blog about deals on digital information products. Bookmark this blog.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

How to increase your blog's pageviews?

Remember, pageviews is a single word and it is a blog traffic measure. It is an important metric for probloggers. They will be asked to reveal the blog's pageviews when applying to blog marketing companies.

When you launch a blog, the pageviews will be almost negligible but as the blog attracts readers, the pageviews will increase.
How do you get your readers to read more than one page in your blog when they land on your blog's home page ?

Here are a few tips.

1. Create pages within our blog that contain reference material you refer to often in your posts. These static pages will certainly get crawled and indexed by the search engine robots and as you write posts about your topics, you can refer people to these static pages as references to what you are posting about. Got it?

2. Refer to other posts you have made on your blog or on another one of your blogs while posting. This gets the reader to click over to previous posts. It is known as inter linking. A wise strategy.

3. Create a page that links to your favorite posts that are timeless. You browse your old posts, find posts that you want readers to find easily, then build a links page with those posts directly linked. Then add a link to that page from your front page. Call it favorite posts or whatever and you will benefit by those that click through and follow those links.

4. I've posted here before about the "more" tag. You write your post as normal, then decide where you want to break the post up onto a new page. You put the more tag in and readers have to click to a new page to read the rest of the story.

5. Write once per week special projects. These are a series of articles on a particular topic. You will be offering it once per week giving readers a week to comment on it, then have them hanging on for next weeks special post in the series. Each time add links to previous posts in that series. It is an excellent internet marketing strategy.

6. Using your content from your other websites or blogs is also a great way to get more pageviews for all of them. Use the target new tag and refer to material on your other blogs and websites. It will open a new window leaving the current blog open while they visit your other website or blog. You can quickly double up your pageviews while also introducing your readers to your other websites and blogs.

7. Make a list of 10 previous posts and the links to those posts. Make a post in your blog about 10 things you want your readers to know and read in case they have not done so before. At your suggestion they will at least go see if they have read those posts before, increasing your pageviews once again plus bringing old material to new readers. That also lets them know they should browse the archives for things they have missed.

8. Using that same list of 10 posts or a new one, visit other blogs on your topic. Find posts that talk about something similar to one of those 10 posts, then instead of adding a link in your signature to the home page, make a comment there and refer to the post that is similar and that contains helpful information to that blogger and their readers. You will also be increasing your link popularity while doing this. Do not spam the link. Make sure it actually contains useful information.

9. Do not stop being creative. Use the tips in this article, plus invent some of your own ways to interlink your blog posts together. Create pages. Don't just post and forget. That content is valuable, use it. Do not make people search your blog. They are lazy and busy. Bring it to them. That is just good customer service.

I hope this article helps you learn there is more to blogging than just writing a post once in awhile or even daily. If you employ the tips I just gave you into your blog I guarantee you will increase your pageviews which in turn will increase your revenue if using an ad program in your blog.