Friday, September 19, 2014

AMPLIFi FX100 is sought after by guitarists.

This looks very sleek-eh? Do you have any idea what is this?  It is Line 6 AMPLIFi FX100 a multi effects pedal used by a professional guitarist. Yes, foot operated amplifier and multi effects device is the widely used music accessory currently.

I have seen guitar players practice it for hours on at the cultural learning center near my home. While they are at it, I have seen the intent look on their face that spoke of immense concentration.
The more they practice, they more creative they become. This is one device where self learning is required.

These days, a passionate artist can tap into huge resources of music patches uploaded by other musicians. A budding guitar player can then use it after tweaking with the help of the above such devices.

Amazing world!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Is it important to reply to all comments ?

You can say I don’t have the true qualities of blogger which is replying to comments. I admit I don’t have the patience mainly because majority of the comments are rubbish.

One of the common mistakes that people make with their own blog is not paying enough attention to   the comments people leave. They either don't respond or they take too long to post a reply.  I sometimes close the commenting facility.

Those are all big mistakes and you are about to find out why.  The first benefit to replying to all of the comments that people leave is that it proves you are a real person. People prefer to deal with people rather than businesses that don't have a face.

Replying to comments makes you more real and they will begin to think you have more of a connection. When they feel more connected, they are more likely to trust you and the products and services you recommend.

Making personal replies to the comments also shows that you are interested.  People will be more likely to leave comments or to ask questions if they are convinced they will actually get a response. Another big benefit to replying to each comment that someone leaves is that it adds another comment to your blog.

The search engine like to see that people are interested in your content and having a large number of comments (even though half of them are your replies) will get you ranked higher in the search engines.

If you pay attention to the reply you give to each comment, you can get even more of a benefit. Instead of just giving a standard answer, you can also include a question or an interesting comment. 

This will likely produce another response from the person who originally posted. It will also prompt additional discussion from other people who are reading the comments.

If you have a blog, remember to pay attention to the comments,and respond to every one.  It helps your search rankings and will keep people coming back for more.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Do you know how to comment on blogs?

If you say yes, then let me ask you a question.

Will you spend time to read the blog post fully before commenting or would you just read others' comments and compose your comment without ever fully reading the blog post?

Oh yes, one more question.

Would you comment even that blog post did not offer 'comment luv', the facility given to you to leaver a link back?

I have observed that the comments are more if there is a 'comment luv' offer. Most of the links that are left behind by the commentators are totally irrelevant to the blog post that they have commented on. This clearly indicates that they comment only to get a link back.

I abhor this practice.

Do not leave a comment if you have nothing to offer something meaningful.