Friday, May 12, 2017

YES or NO to PLR articles?

Would you buy PLR articles, rewrite and use them for your blog?

My answer is "YES" ; only, I do not rewrite but use the titles alone to write my own unique content. I am easily inspired by looking at various titles of articles/blog posts because they give me an idea about the subject that follows inside the content.

Believe me, it is an excellent way to find content for blogs. I thought I was one of a very few who found out this content discovery method but I am surprised to learn that nearly all of the professional web content writers implement this method.

By web content, I mean content for:
* Websites
* Autoresponders
*Email newsletters
* eBooks and kindle books
* Guides and tutorials
* Social media content

However, I do not trust the free PLR. They are pure garbage, stinking stuff. When you make a sincere attempt to rewrite them, you will find that you could have as well written it from scratch. Invariably, the content would be so outdated that you will be a laughing stock if you publish it anywhere in the web.

Now do you understand why I would say "YES" to PLR?

Therefore, it is advisable to buy PLR at a very affordable price.

The best source for buying quality PLR articles

To my knowledge, I would point out to, the Internet's huge store for downloadable products.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Spending too much time on your blog appearance?

I fret over the appearance of my blog's theme if it is built on wordpress platform. The lack of coding knowledge used to make me frustrated if I can't make my blog appear as wanted to. The story is very different now.

Oh no, I don't mean that I have learnt php to tweak my blog's theme; only I stopped bothering about it ever since 80% of visitors use mobile devices to browse. When you view sites on your mobile phones, you really don't get to view the full version of it as you view in a desktop-right?

In addition, people don't search for 'good looking' blogs or sites to visit! 

All you bother about the quality of the content; if it solves a problem, then it means you have published top quality content and is likely to go viral in the social media. In addition, you have booked that visitor for repeat visits to your blog.

However, I have a feeling advertisers would still insist on a good looking theme for approval of placing their banners on your website. In the desktop viewing, the banners-irrespective of the size or the place where they are inserted are more visible. This is not possible when viewed on mobile devices.

Is there a way to overcome this odd impediment?

I am of the opinion that a blog basically is not a commercial or professional site. It is more of the personal nature. In this context, I believe and operate my blog on a personal level and I of course grab any opportunity to make it commercial on a micro level.

Thus, I don't think I need to fret over its appearance.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

To reproduce the exact effect the music player wanted us to hear.

When a professional guitarist is asked his opinion of vacuum tubes present in the new Fender Princeton Reverb, he may or may not have the knowledge of the components of the amplifier that he cannot perform without.

I read that very few musicians know of the Tubes as the tone shaping components in amplifiers. Reverb amplifiers that are built with  tubes are said to reproduce the exact effect the music player wanted us to hear.

To make you understand simply, tubes enhance the music signals as they exit the preamps-got it?

The Fender '65 Princeton Reverb Amp is preferred by musicians for its single channel tube reproduction and comes with a foot switch and 5 control knobs to manipulate Treble, Bass, reverb etc.

For full features and specifications of fender princeton reverb, check it out at

In addition, watch a video clip of the Fender 65 Princeton Reverb 15W 1x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amp, below.