Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bloggers required in abundance.

Bloggers Required

Bloggers required invites:
·         Food bloggers
·         Entertainment Bloggers
·         Fashion Bloggers
·         Parent Bloggers
·         Travel Bloggers
·         Beauty Bloggers
·         Green Bloggers
·         Technology bloggers
·         Music Bloggers

It’s a marketplace for both advertisers and bloggers. The only major difference is the reward for writing blog post. It is not in the form of cash but in kind. It is indicated that there may be cash payments too. Additionally, you will be allowed to offer a discount to the product and you get commission when your promotional effort generates a sale.

What is the exact work?
The actual blogging involves a review of a product or service of those above mentioned niches. Once you register your blog with Bloggers Required, it is exposed to advertisers and they select the blogs on which a review is required to be posted.

I have seen the best FAQs posted in the site.

Get email updates on available blogging assignments:
If you opt for it, you will receive email alerts of blogging assignments posted on the site.

In addition, you can add your blogs in their PR friendly directory of blogs. It is always helpful for better visibility.

Most of the blogging opportunities are available only to U.S,  U.K. and Canada based bloggers ; there are a few worldwide opportunities too.

Spread the word please. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Monetize your blog now with an image ad network.

Would you believe that sometime in 2013, I drafted this blog post? However, I never usually dig out the drafts to give it a finishing touch before publishing. As a typical Gemini, I quickly lose interest that some news or views kindled in me fiercely a day or two before.

I was cleaning the space for Google 15 minutes before by deleting all the drafts in my blogger dashboard when a headline, "Image ad network" stared at me from the draft posts.

I quickly looked into it and saw neatly written brief reviews of three paying image ad networks for bloggers. Out of the three, two had closed shop and the last one in my draft review '' is found to be alive.

The image below belongs to them and I loved the top quality of the image.

Here is one more image that I saw in their blog located at  A stunning image.

Well, now, how can a blogger can earn money by joining a "image ad network"?
Forgive me, I could only deduce that publishers are paid by cost per impressions (CPM) basis through monetizing  images on their blogs. 

You are given a choice of three types of ads namely:
1. Im image ads
2. In screen ads
3. Native ads

Apart from this, there is no clear information or a FAQ page to throw more light. though there is a guide to publishers' monetization guide that bloggers can download and read before applying. (

A few facts published in their 'about' page.
* 400 million visitors 
*  2,000 premium publishers
* 81% viewability rate 
* Their clients include Disney, L’Oreal and Toyota.
* GumGum is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with six additional offices in the US and in the UK. 
* Founded in 2007

If interested in monetizing your blog with this image ad network, please try it out now.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Refurbishing old blog posts-is it worthwhile?

I have been frequently reading in so many places in the web that one should re-publish an old article after properly dusted and painted. If I only I get the courage to do that, I will have no dearth of my old articles. I took time to count all the blog posts that I have published in as many as 23 blogs since may 2005 and it stands at  whopping 11256!

Surely, I can close my eyes and click on the bank of archive and refurbish whatever pops up. However, they would be so out of place! What I wrote in 2006 would look rubbish in 2016.

For example, I recall writing about hundreds of tools for bloggers and web masters in the past. Almost all of them have closed their shops and vanished in cyber space. Even several blog promotions methods that we in practice have become obsolete.

Ah, yes, I have published more than 900 blog posts on various aspects of spiritual developments (not religion related of course) in my Laws of Universe blog. I am sure they would look green all time.

I will start today evening.