Tuesday, August 01, 2017

My blog reading tools replacing Google Reader.

I miss the Google Reader; I miss it very much. It was the best aggregator of my favorite websites and blogs. Here are some of the blog reading tools that I am trying now before I settle on the best.

Google Reader was a wonderful feed aggregator; I wonder why it was shut down by Google.

Feed readers are great blog content resources for bloggers, web content authors and professional web content researchers and curators. I belonged to the first category when the Google reader closed the doors. Now I will put myself under the last category.

After the demise of Google Reader, I have been trying several news reading tools but I am yet to finalize the one that best serves my purpose.

Here are the best resources to read the latest RSS Feeds of your favorite websites and blogs.

AOL reads America Online when expanded. Do you remember the famous ‘Netscape Navigator’ web browser? It was owned by the AOL.

AOL Reader is a useful and a respected feed aggregator. I have been toying with it for some time now.

In all the feed readers, you either add the feed URLs of your favorite websites or you follow the ones suggested the feed aggregators. In addition, you can also search and find a website that you would stay updated with.

Feed reading tools always update the websites that you have opted to read their feeds.

Feedly is the favorite of thousands of professional web researchers. Once you read something that you want to use it at a later stage, you can store to retrieve whenever you want.With Feedly, you can also share any data with your social media profile.

When you find something worth to read, using the ‘bookmarklet’ button, you put that into your ‘pocket’ for a leisurely reading.

If you are a serious blogger, you must be using any one of the above blog reading tools.
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