Saturday, September 30, 2006

Increase your adsense revenue by 10 times.

When I started involving myself with adsense, I was earning zero for several months. (smile)

I promoted my website like crazy by submitting to directories, participated in nearly 50 forums (signature marketing) and saw the first few cents in my adsense account.

I am very familiar with blog promotion still nothing substantial in my adsense account.

One day I stumbled on a site called, where you can blog and share the adsense revenue. It is completely legal and allowed by google.

The next day, my adsense money jumped satisfactorily. So I started searching for more adsense revenue sharing sites and ended up with 10 such sites with in a month.

In these sites, you can blog to your heart's content, put your adsense id# in your profile-thats all. Since sites like these have their own membership base, you get your blog posts viewd instatntly.

I am giving below some of my adsense revenue sharing sites below. You can join all of them free of of cost.
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