Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Money by Blogging.

I am given to understand that there are 1 billion blogs.

How many of those blogs yield some revenue for its' authors?
No, I cannot guess but I am sure about an equal amount of money is produced from these blogs.

I can hear you ' Oh! Can I also be benefitted?'
Sure, why not?

But first, you should have passion for blogging without expecting anything from it.
Do you know the following?
Creating, editing a blog?
Adding adsense?
Editing templates?
Inserting links, RSS feeds and blog rolls?
Different methods to promote?
Social bookmarking?
Submitting to directories and search engines?
Signature marketing?

If not, I can teach you all these things for a small fee.
I can also help you how to earn more from adsense.
I will show you other avenues to earn from blogs.

If interested please contact me.
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