Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Real time most searched keywords.

I might have either downloaded or received as a gift, the list of high paying keywords or most searched keywords about 50 times since the past two years.

How about you?

Like most people, I never utilized that list due to reasons such as lack of time, lack of creativity to build content around those keywords or plain disinterest.

Today, I stumbled upon a blog that updates in real time the current top searched terms.

1. NFL
2. Ben Savage
3. Cartoon Network
4. Wikipedia
5. Lindsay Lohan
7. UFC
8. Beyonce Knowles
9. WWE
10. Jessica Simpson
11. Elin Nordegren
12. RuneScape
13. Fergie
14. Limewire
15. Halloween Costumes

For those who are interested only in highest paying keyword, Matt has not disappointed you.

He has listed 500 top paying keywords. He is updating it regularly so you can be sure that it is fresh.

As an example, I have listed below only 4 terms from his list.
$82.92 austin dwi
$78.01 school loan consolidation
$76.54 college loan consolidation
$74.93 car insurance quotes

I have subscribed to his blog.

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