Saturday, October 28, 2006

Big list of Blog Pinging Services.

I never assume my blog readers are highly experienced and 'know all' type.

That is why I do a little bit of research before introducing a new tool or service related to blogs.

What exactly happen when you Ping your blog?
Pinging lets the pinging services know that you have updated your blog and they can come to you blog, craw and get itself updated with your blog's content.

Like you, I too forget frequently to ping my blog but when I do, I use pingomatic only.
I am aware of a few other pinging services but I was surprised to learn that there about 11 such services when I stumbled onto another blog yesterday.(full credit given at the end of this blog post)

I quote from that blog:
"Remember pinging is important if you use feedburner feed since feedburner will come crawling around after you ping it and update your feed with the latest content. And based on its content other blog tracking services will update."

List of pinging services:

Pingomatic - the most popular. Pings several popular services and specialized services. Create a bookmark for each ping url.
Pingoat - Pings a huge collection of 52 blogging services, including special services and non English tracking services. You can easily select all services by selecting the category.
King Ping - Pings multiple services - 18 in all. Easy to check and uncheck boxes. And you can also create a bookmark with your settings.
Blogflux Pinger - Pings 32 services, including several specialized services and language specific services too.
Feedshark - Ping, submit, & promote your blog, feed, or podcast for free to multiple services. .
BlogBlip - Just enter the blog url and it will submit to 15 popular blog tracking services.
Ping The Empire - Pings 18 common blog tracking services.

Courtesy and gratitude: Quick online Tips.
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