Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A superb blog helping new and experienced bloggers.

It is my day to day work to find and visit useful and interesting blogs on blogging and introduce them here.

Today’s featured blog is Blogged

I found out plenty of news and useful tips for the blogging community.

For example, please read the topics below:
Tweaking your Blog to Increase traffic
Rather than writing blog articles that are 300 words, he suggests to configure the blog so that 25 blog posts appear per page and he tasted instant success.

Promote your Blog on Washington
Visit the Washington Post Blogroll signup page and make sure you write a little about your blog, and what it can offer the readers in good English free of grammar and spelling mistakes.

Blogrolling - Link Management Tool for Bloggers
Blogrolling is a link management solution for your blog, which will help you manage your links, especially for those that are using Blogger, Live Journal etc but definitely not wordpress platform.

By this way you don’t have to edit loads of HTML code, which could mess up your theme, and cause you no end of problems – Blogrolling takes away all of that hassle.

Happy blogging.
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