Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A great resource for bloggers.

Being an addictive blogger, it is no wonder so many avenues for new blog promotion are opening for me.

Today, I came upon Bloggator, pronounced as ‘blahg'-itter’ is an online Blog Aggregator (pretty clever name, huh?) It allows you to read the latest blogs and news sources that fit your interests - all in one place.

Well this is what I call a perfect place for bloggers to share and care.

You can also create your own blog and read the blogs of fellow users, comment on other bloggers' entries, add bookmarks and much more.

You're free to read any content on Bloggator without registering, but if you want to create bookmarks, start your own blog or comment on others' blog postings, you must take 30 seconds and register.

When you do register, you'll see that each story has a little green "b" next to the headline. Just click it, and your blog composition window will open with that story referenced in the body. It's the quickest way available to write a blog about something you read. Give it a try; it's a lot of fun!

Bloggator is a service of JCS/Monogram Holdings LLC, a web application company that has provided high-quality services since 1999.

They created products and services for clients including Sony, CBS, Warner Bros Online and A&E Networks. And these services have entertained millions of web surfers around the world.

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