Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Want licensed softwares for free?

Yes, you will get this great software for free which is actually priced at 19.95.

Read this information below before I tell you where to go to get it.

ActualDoc is a Recent Documents manager designed to provide secure, easy and convenient access to any of the documents you have recently used. ActualDoc keeps track of the documents you are currently working on and helps you to find any of them, searching on name or contents. With the integrated file viewer you can copy fragments of graphics, text, PDF, MS Office, HTML and other files. ActualDoc protects your privacy by allowing you to lock the Windows document history with a password.

Now go to and look at the right side bar you will see the link.

I clicked on the link and landed on

While browsing, I looked a way to get more visitors to my blog.
I decided to join their partners program for that.

How it works:
"your web-site information and your RSS news feed will be added into our Partners Section on the Giveaway of the Day web pages.

This Partners Section with your information in it will be shown to every visitor coming to our web-site by clicking our Ticker placed on your web-site. Those visitors will see your information every time they visit!"

Good! Please pass it on.

Gratitude: and!
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