Sunday, May 20, 2007

A 10 point tutorial for new bloggers.

Oh, have I written 'for new bloggers'?

In fact this 10 point tutorial is for experienced bloggers too, like me. No one can say "I have leaned all that is there about blogging'. Learning is a life long process.

My friend Kip has made blog post outlining the then 10 basic steps while creating a blog.

I would like to elaborate on her 6Th point-Design and layout of a blog. I confess I am a novice in these matters and that's why I took time to read this point.

When I learnt about the 'page elements only two weeks ago, I was excited and tried out many additions and in fact am still doing so.

Kip says with subtle sense of humor,"Don't add so many page elements that people feel like they're walking in Times Square during rush hour. You want them to focus on the post first and foremost."

I liked it very much. It made me think again and probably I may re-do my blog.

All her suggestions to increase the link popularity should be heeded to, by every blogger. I wish I know how to convert my blog to a three column template like Kip's blog.

Thank you Kip.
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