Monday, May 28, 2007

My ramblings on sposnored posts.

It was in May 2006, that I found about the opportunity to earn as a pro blogger.

Till that time, I did not know about earning from blogs. I started blogging mainly to share my knowledge and experience. Of course I knew about AdSense and it took exactly 12 months to earn my first $100 from AdSense.

I stumbled on to 'paid to blog' opportunity in bloggerparty; I read a post of another blogger about I was fascinated by this opportunity and I did not hesitate even one minute to sign up with blogitive and submitted my blogs.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from them after two days informing me that my blogs have been approved.

I have completed one year with Blogitive and I have made my first sponsored post in this blog today. Through out this period, they have been very supportive and paying promptly.

Looking back, working for them was very rewarding. I gained enormous knowledge in blogosphere, developed some very good contacts.

Now I am working for more than half a dozen companies.

I thank everyone who have given an opportunity to earn by blogging.
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