Thursday, May 03, 2007

New market place for bloggers.

I am given to understand that Review Me has opened a new market place for bloggers who are already blogging for money.

Like other players in this field like Blogitive, Pay per post and Blogsvertise, bloggers who are also known as publishers can register their blogs for their approval.

Based on the content, Google PR, Alexa rank and few more parameters, our blog is approved with a fixed price tag on it. This price tag is what the advertisers will pay per blog post.

This is a nice idea. I saw some of my blogging friends' blogs that command more than $200 price tag. I am happy for them and I wish them well. My friend doshdosh is one among them.

Of course John Chow is somewhere near the top which was expected naturally.

Go ahead, register your blogs and enjoy some money and popularity. Even if your blog is ranked low, it can still get new visitors as some advertisers may look for blogs with a minimum price tag.

In fact, I foresee more chances of approval with blogs that rank low.(smile)
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