Friday, June 29, 2007

Rounders template and adsense.

I have been watching the AdSense ads on this blog and man, what a disappointment!

I am seeing only two ads by Google most of the time and one of them is Google AdSense itself and the other is about 'Ibibo'. I already posted an article on 'Ibibo' and there is no need to mention about the futility of participating in it.

Oh, yes that Google ad about 'Desmartini' is the third ad. I think I attribute for the lack of ads that are relevant to the post is the Rounders Template in the new blogger version. It used to be better in the classic version.

But I saw a major shift in relevant ads when I modify this template to a three column one. Just make a study about this and give your feedback here. I hope to learn a few tricks.

Before I make any money on AdSense, I would like very much to see relevant ads by Google.
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