Monday, July 16, 2007

Are poker tables made of…

I was traveling in a bus when I was taught the poker game. Before the bus reached the destination, I had won some money and many admirers. But I did not attribute the profit to my intelligence but to my luck only.

Later, I recognized the game while watching a Hindi movie. Six people were sitting around a magnificent table in comfortable chairs playing with multicolored plastic chips lying in heaps on the table. I could not take my eyes off the poker table.

At that time, I wondered if all the poker tables were made mahogany finish and leather gaming surface. Today, I visited as I had an assignment on poker tables.

They design and manufacture the finest heirloom-quality gaming tables available in the USA today. They manufacture poker tables made of solid hardwood with distressed mahogany finish and leather gaming surface.

Look at the poker table and those leather chairs! Aren’t they fabulous?

SEVEN Game Tables is a division of Thos. Baker LLC, an online merchant of premium teak outdoor furniture. Thos. Baker is based on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

BTW, what is Distressed Mahogany?

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