Saturday, July 28, 2007

Earn from your hub pages.

I know that every post by attracts a number of customers and I spend my time reading those comments which throw more information sometimes than the original post itself.

I looked up for some more revenue sharing blogs. I am surprised that my existing list was pretty short. My present list shows 12 different websites and I intend to add to it more from my search results.

I tracked down Hub Pages and it was no surprise that I landed on Mashable's post. I liked the information and I enjoyed all those comments.

I am happy to note that they have 32k bloggers with them. This can certainly invite plenty of readers for my posts. These are good opportunities to develop a reader base.

"Hubs are just like web pages. Each one contains an article you write that's filled with insight, advice, information - whatever you'd like to say on your favorite topic. HubPages provides you with easy access to the Internet's top income generating tools: Google ads and eBay and Amazon offers. The opportunity to earn more and more royalties over time simply by writing about your favorite topic is the icing on the cake!"-Hub Pages.

I don't know what do they mean by 'royalties' here.

What I can do with Hub pages?
Write an article with links to others.
Upload an image, video clip.

I just registered myself with them.
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