Tuesday, July 03, 2007

May be, just may be…

I accept shamelessly that I don’t like to cook but I know cooking. That is the irony.

Any amount of accolades on my culinary skills will not make me budge; no, I will not enter the dungeon (kitchen).

But I melt when my neighbor’s kid asks me to make her some pasta. That is one dish I can cook to the envy of Italians. Even with the outdated cookware, I can prepare as many as seven different varieties of pasta. I have a special and secret ingredient for my favorite dish and that’s why kids love them.

I am a very fast cook in spite of untidy nature. The kitchen will be a mess when I leave it after cooking. My husband keeps reminding me that I should throw away some of our old cookware and buy some thing latest from the dependable Berndes-Cookware, A German product.

But will our cook take care of them properly? May be, just may be…

Pasta Insert made of stainless steel-Berndes Cookware

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