Thursday, July 26, 2007

Purely Fruits.

Browsing through a shopping catalog to select the items that are to be added to my cart, I thought I could skip buying some jams and tarts and order instead a couple of fruit baskets that were attractively heaped with fresh fruits.
A basketful of fruits is the most eye catching item in an online shopping mall. I am basically a fruit lover. Whenever, we go out for a holiday, I don’t resist trying out fruits of that region.
My son and my husband usually discourage me from eating strange looking new fruits. They stick to known fruits only.
As I was about hit the ‘checkout’ button, my son recommended another website that is well known for gourmet gifts. In fact the URL itself is I took very little time in it and quickly ordered two baskets of fruits called ‘Purely Fruit’.
Since they provide shipping via FedEx, I sent one to my sister.
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