Sunday, July 08, 2007

The suggestion from a car interior decorator.

The other day when my son brought home his first girl friend, we had a cultural shock. Compromising on our orthodox leanings, we received her in our drawing room. She told that she studied with my son in the local school and parted ways due to different academic options.
She is now working for a car dealer as an interior decorator. Yes, cars too need interior decoration and she specializes in blinds and sun control films. I have never seen cars fitted with blinds. All I know that blinds are used inside a building to filter heat and dust.
Well, cars too require heat filtering-isn’t it?
I thought I could use some free interior decoration consultation and enquired her about what she could suggest for our drawing room.
Since she is a specialist in blinds, she suggested that we can install beautiful looking Faux Wood blinds. Since our climate is tropical, faux wood blinds are ideal as they withstand high humidity. Blinds Chalet offers 2 inch faux wood blinds that will not chip, warp, or crack and will retain their shape for a lifetime.
Faux wood blinds are fashioned by either vinyl or a combination of hardwood and vinyl. These beautiful blinds have the appearance of real wood and are perfect for use in areas of high humidity.
Her suggestion was well received by us and asked her what color will blend with our walls. She told her to ask for free samples from
Using their online quotes, we also got an idea of the cost. Overall, a great web site for a range of blinds and shades.
Image: Faux wood blind

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