Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Where can you buy multi light pens?

My brother’s daughter Rekha, studying in 1st standard, stormed into my work station as usual and demanded some time in my PC. There is no way I can refuse because I love her so much.

She started her painting with paint shop and filled the screen with a riot of colors which reminded me of childhood age when there were no computers and I used color chalk pieces to express my artistic leanings.

Suddenly Rekha’s attention changed to a different kind of pen lying on my computer table. With a child’s curiosity, she picked it up and started examining it. It was a multi light pen that can flash several colors.

Which can kid can resist such pens? She immediately demanded that I give her my pen. I gave in but she wanted more; she has several friends to whom she would like gift it.

So I opened and let her choose her own colors. She was in sheer joy looking at the fantastic range of Colorful Pens at the web site. She could not taker eyes off the screen. (me too)

This a big store house for corporate gifts too.

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