Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dclickads-the market place for us.

I am again writing about earning from blogs through sponsor ads-text ads, banner ads etc.
The marketplace for publishers and advertisers is provided by

Responding to my previous post on the same topic, a few of my blog readers have intimated me that they have registered their blogs with dclickads. But I did not receive any further feedback from them.

What I like about dclickads is the advertisers can view the profiles of all the registered publishers and choose the one that can be useful to their ad campaign.

Another notable feature is filtering. As there are so many publishers, an advertiser can view the profiles by filtering out the category.

For a publisher, there are three options to choose the type of ads they would like to publish in their website or blog namely, text links, banner ads and embedded links.

This is the kind of market place that will serve the interest of both the advertisers and webmasters.

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