Saturday, August 11, 2007

If it is green, then Thoof knows me.

Sounding a little poetic-eh?

I hate the word clone. I read in a few places that Thoof is a clone of Digg.
No! They are not. I can point out many reasons but let me write about a few here.

Thoof is a user generated news website, which automatically personalizes the articles shown to users, and where users can collaboratively edit articles. This is more like Wikipedia-right? That means the stories and articles are more reliable.

How can I say,”Thoof knows me?”

I read some news in their website and I got carried away. Suddenly I remembered what I was doing and returned back to the thoof site. I saw some stories in green color which meant that I already seen them but not yet read them. This is s very thoughtful feature.

If the story is not yet read by me, it will be blue in color and if I have read it, then it turns grey.

Very user friendly-right?

A user can decide what he wants to read daily and the next time he visits, he can get his personalized news neatly organized.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to tell you about the rank badge. I just read a story about Google’s page rank and I found out that it was interesting and said so by clicking on the relevant link just under the headline of the story.

I foresee Thoof will give a run to Digg and Wikipedia in the long run.

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