Friday, August 17, 2007

One of the best place for blog promotion.

After a week or so, I logged into Bloggerforum and started reading posts on blog promotion ideas. I am never contended with my knowledge in the field of blog promotion.

I happen to read a well written article on blog promotion by username 'Swtrose' in her blog from which I reproduce a part of it.

"Convert some of your existing posts into articles. Submit those articles to article directories like, and Include a link to your blog in your byline. accepts articles about blogging, Wordpress, SEO,Video Blogging and podcasting. By submitting quality articles to Blogger Talk, you’ll receive a one-way link to your site from a PageRank 5 website."

I chose to visit, a friendly fast growing blogging portal, offering bloggers support, advice, tools, tips and information about blogs and blogging.

I must first thank Rose DesRochers for introducing This website is fantastic with great resources. Every blogger must visit it regularly.

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