Thursday, August 02, 2007

Public Safety and Criminal Justice.

Public Safety and Criminal Justice, what a combination!

Among the newly announced degree programs by the Capella University, a new Bachelor of Science in Public Safety is offered with a Criminal Justice specialization.

I think very few online universities offer the above course with the specialization subject. If only I have the time and money, I would join this course just for the sake of knowledge.

For those who have an inclination to study rare courses, criminal justice careers put you on the front line, protecting and serving your community. This specialization provides an overview of public safety research, theory and principles, with a focus on criminal justice processes and procedures.

I was going through the course modules and what I read provoked my interest further. Course work includes such topics as corrections and judicial systems, criminal law and the legal process, police-community relations, white collar and organized crime investigations, and criminal procedure and evidence. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing entry-level officer positions or career advancement within law enforcement age

For those who are interested in continuing their higher education or study different courses online, here are some new programs offered by the Capella:

Capella’s School of Education has launched a new Special Education Leadership specialization as part of its PhD in Education program.

New offerings in Capella’s Harold Abel School of Psychology include Master of Science in Psychology specializations in Leadership Coaching Psychology; Organizational Leader Development; and Evaluation, Research, and Measurement.

Other new undergraduate specializations include two BS in Information Technology specializations, one in Software Architecture and one in Health Informatics, Capella’s first entry into the health care field at the undergraduate level. Capella is also offering a new BS in Business, Project Management specialization.

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