Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free 256 MB memory card.

Before I let you in the secret of availing a free 256 MB memory card, I must tell you about the digital photo album with which you can view your still photographs and video clips.

I suppose there won’t be any exceptions among us in the manner by which we savor our past by going through the long forgotten family photo albums and wedding photos that find their place in the attic after a few months.

With digital photo frame, we can view photos and video clips anytime we feel like because, it is very compact and occupy a small place on our wall or on the tea table.

These digital frames come with remote control device that will make our viewing much easier. Isn’t that wonderful?

Now, coming to the free memory card, it is for you to grab if you buy a 10 inch digital picture frame for US$ 199. I think it is really worth as we no longer have to buy films that are definitely clumsy to handle and also films involve the cost of processing.

Just remove your memory card from the digital camera, insert it in the digital photo frame and start viewing with sound. No PC is required!

Go Digital today!

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