Friday, September 21, 2007

Rare coins from Monaco.

Almost every one of us would have been engaged in some kind of hobbies in our life time.

While such hobbies like stamp collections, coins collections etc usually occupies our early part of life, it is not rare to find enthusiasts even at old age. Even in my family, a distant uncle was passionate about his coins collection and he allowed nobody to touch them.

He boasted that they are highly valuable and even showed us a few certificates of authentication. For a short while he acted as a rare coin dealer and solicited exchanges of coins from coins collectors across the globe.

In fact, I remember seeing a few letters with foreign stamps though I was too young to understand them.

My long standing relationship with Monex, the indisputable leader in precious metals in the U.S., has helped me in many ways and one of them is the introduction of their sister concern ‘Monaco rare Coin’, where some of the world’s the finest rare coins available.

They are highly experienced in this field and also very knowledgeable about rare coins and its market all over the world. I learnt that one can also sell rare coins to them.


Oh, how I wish my distant uncle is alive today to make use of 'Monaco rare Coin’.

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