Wednesday, November 28, 2007

African walnut wood or Rose wood?

Both the wood are of premium quality and last for a minimum of three generations. My question is which one of the two I should choose.

May be you can help me. Of what wood is your bedroom furniture is made of? I think Europeans and especially Italians can answer me as they are known for the special care they give to their bedrooms. This information I read in Reader’s Digest a long time ago.

See, I want to buy this Win Platform Bed from the Modern Interni Collection by Rossetto that is sold at Believe me; I nearly took three days to decide on this piece among a vast range of modern platform beds at affordable price.

Win Bed is part of Modern Interni Collection by Rossetto and is a cutting edge Modern Platform Bed with a Japanese flare. The Win Platform Bed features a headboard that extends past the edges of the bed. This sleek modern platform bed is characterized by the clear-cut lines and geometric dimensions. Inspired by oriental atmospheres, the Win Bed by Rossetto is available in chocolate and teak finishes. Headboard features rectangular lights in centers of the edges. Optional cushions are available in red or beige leather and orange fabric.

eRoomService, who is the authorized dealer of authentic Rossetto furniture offers a 30 Day Lowest Price Guarantee.

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