Friday, November 23, 2007

Financial loss may still get you cash.

It is not wise to criticize or laugh at, when someone close to you had just incurred a loss in any of their financial dealings such share market or an online investment program.

Instead, you can ask them to write about their experience in Wise Bread and that may fetch them some cash by way of Google Adsense.

They need not have a blog that requires regular updates, nor do they have to strive hard to bring visitors to their own blog if they operate one.

Ask them to register for free in Wise Bread, make them to write up about anything that is to do with finance. Wise Bread is a Google AdSesne revenue sharing web site. And do you know the rate of sharing? It is 100% friend; yes, you keep the money generated from the Google ads that appear in your blog and get clicked.

Wise Bread says their mission is to give:

  • Savvy shopping tips to keep you stylish, sassy, and solvent.
  • Financial advice that is easy to understand and easy to apply.
  • Career and money-making ideas that'll add zeros to your bank account.
  • General adulthood know-how your parents forgot to tell you.

Go ahead and have an account with them. After all, you will not lose anything here.

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