Friday, November 09, 2007

Free 5 GB online storage.

This free storage is offered by the eminent BT group when you subscribe to one of their cheap broadband plans.

BT group is a global organization that provides communication solutions.

When I looked at their so many added services and products, I envy the Britishers. They are really lucky to have such a wonderful Internet Service Provider. Do you know that I paid more than USD 600 four years ago to have a broadband connection installed?

Thanks to the global technological improvement in the communications field that the prices have been drastically slashed and the monthly Internet expenses is now as low as $20 with free installation.

Oh yes, coming back to the fantastic offers of BT, I give below the summary:

Free Digital Vault where you can store 5 GB of data.

Full security provided by Norton

BT Vision with access to thousands of hours of entertainment.

Wireless hub.

Plenty of discounted offers on a range of products.

They have three options of broadband connection. Each option comes with different features.

Have a look and decide.

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