Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google page rank-does it matter?

Whatever may be our resentment about the page reduction by Google, we have to live with it-right?

Is there anything that we can achieve by carrying our resentment? Obviously not. Yes, I am fully aware that as a pro blogger, my blog is judged by the green band that Google shows.

If I were an Internet marketer like PPP or Blogitive, I would judge a blog's popularity by the number of reads a blog gets. But alas, blog hosts like Google or WP, do not show that important statistics as all the AdSense revenue sharing blogs show.

For example, look at the following posts of mine vs the number of reads it got in Blog Evolve-an AdSense revenue sharing blog in which I am not at all active.

Excellent tool for podcasters. 395 reads
Free resume hosting... 334 reads
Important blocks from getting rich.. 243 reads

Every blog post one makes in an AdSense revenue sharing site gets the authors a lot of readers and some valuable money too.

I can site more examples for your benefit but I think you already realize the importance of getting your blog read than strive for a green band that a software gives.
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