Friday, November 23, 2007

A home maker’s dream tool.

In a quiz show anchored by Amitab Bachhan, he was casually inquiring a contestant’s wife about what is she and she replied that “I am a home maker” which was widely appreciated by the anchor as well as other viewers. I too liked it instead of expressing oneself as a house wife.

We just moved in to a new house. The first problem faced by home makers in a new house is the fixing of nails to hang pictures, coat stand, calendars and other decorative wall hangers.

Nobody likes to make a big hole on new walls using jumper and hammer. It is preferable to use something less clumsy as seen on tv shows and tele-shopping programs.

Hercules hooks are perfect alternative to hammered in nails. It is easy to fix by a woman and leaves only a tiny hole on the wall. No hammer is required to fix the hooks on the wall. These hooks are said to support weights up to 150 pounds. sells these Hercules hooks for just $14.95. The package includes 20 hooks. A laser marker is given as a bonus that enables a home maker to place the hook accurately.

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