Monday, January 28, 2008

How to write 'Top' link.

How many times we all clicked on 'Top' to go the top section of the page which we are currently on? I wanted to learn this trick. This 'Top' link is really helpful when the page is very long and we may be somewhere on the middle or lower half of the page when we wanted to go to the top again.

Here is a simple tutorial for this:

  • First write this code on your word pad.

  • < name="top" href="">” ‘Yourblogname’ should be your real blogname.
  • Then go to your blog template and click on ‘Edit HTML’. ( Take a back up before that)
  • Put a check mark in the ‘Expand Widgets’ box.
  • The using control ‘F’ function, find this code: " 'post-footer-line post-footer-line-3"
  • Now paste this code:
  • " < href="#top">Skip to top “
  • Save Template.
Try it and when successful, say 'Thanks' not to me but to Beta Blogger for Dummies.

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