Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Openings in the Mutual Funds industry.

My husband wanted to diversify his business in financial markets and as a first step he thought he would begin as a mutual funds distributor. As per the norms of the Government, he took an exam online and got through.

He first wanted to gain valuable experience by working under an existing fund manager and looked for openings. There were a few ads in the paper inviting applications for risk management jobs. But he hesitated. He felt he was not prepared mentally. Suddenly, he became irritable and testy. He admitted that he is unsure of his future in the financial field.

At this juncture, I happen to read a web release of A.E. Feldman Associates Inc. Since 1967, they have maintained excellent business relationships with the leading accounting and risk management consulting firms, and leading domestic and international banks and other financial institutions, including some of the hottest hedge funds in the industry.

Something stuck in my mind. I developed an idea and I cheerfully informed my husband to submit his resume to A.E. Feldman Associates. They fill positions as middle to top management executives in areas that that include financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting etc...

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