Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Optimum use of Stumble will increase traffic.

I went on and on, reading a stupendous article by Dosh Dosh on how to effectively use stumble upon to immediately increase visitors to our blogs. No wonder he has got thousands of subscribers to his blog feed.

I never knew there is so much to extract from Stumble Upon till I read the blog post.

For example, do you know what is Stumble Buzz?
Here I quote Dosh Dosh:
"Another point to consider is that you want to get your site on the Stumble Buzz webpage, which is something like the Digg homepage. Websites which consistently receive positive stumbles will move onto this homepage. To get on this homepage, you’ll roughly need around 300+ positive stumbles".

And he has given tow different ways to achieve this.

Then I think I have improvised on his methods. I found out several groups on Stumble that we can join use them as a platform to attract visitors.

I request you to please click on the link above to read the article by Dosh Dosh.
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