Monday, January 28, 2008

Time to re-visit Spicy Page.

Even though I do visit Spicy Page at least once in a week, I feel it is not sufficient for me to reciprocate the traffic I get from them.

It is not as if a flood gate is opened and my blog is deluged but still it is getting wet.biggrin
The listed blogs are neatly arranged in several categories. My favorite category is of course 'Other'. This is where I submit my blog posts if I can't find the right category. And I am sure many others do that and that is why it is my favorite category.

I am glad that I visited today the Spicy Page because I would missed out reading Wrapped Emotions had I not visited today.

Wrapped Emotions is about a woman rediscovering her creative soul and encouraging others to do the same. "We live in a world where people live without their hearts and don't even miss them. I want to live with my heart."

I liked what I read in the post titled,"Be Compassionate With Yourself".

I used to be like that to divert my focus on unwanted things and to remove some guilt that had crept in.

Visit Spicy Page today and submit your blog posts.
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