Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The best rehabs in the world.

Lat weekend family dinner turned out to be mini counseling session for my husband. Do you know he is good at it? It is all because he has read hundreds of books on self improvement. I kept telling him to write a book.

Getting back to the dinner, we happen to overhear a conversation on rehabs. There was a family of seven discussing rather loudly about a middle aged man who has been sent to the famous rehabilitation center at Malibu.

Catching my husband’s repeated glance at them, they reduced their volume. Suddenly, one of them got up and approached my husband and took him to another vacant table. They were engaged in earnest conversation for 10 minutes before returning to their respective tables.

My husband informed me that he did give him some useful information about how an inpatient is treated at Cliffside Malibu and what are the chances of recovery.

At Cliffside Malibu, once residents have been accepted to the drug rehab center (and detoxed when necessary), they are assigned to a primary therapist who manages their care during the entire course of their treatment.

Oh, what do I know about drug detox!

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