Saturday, March 22, 2008

BlogCatalog goes social and absolutely viral.

If only you spend more time in Blog Catalog, you will realize its immense potential to the promotion of all your blogs.

They keep coming out with enhancements that enables its users to make use of all the features in an enjoyable way. For example, I liked their 'groups' from the launch date and visiting them once in a way. I should visit more frequently.

Then their 'discussions' section is also participated actively giving me a chance to learn hundreds of things.

Now here is their latest announcement:
"In the next couple of days, BlogCatalog is launching a social Dashboard beta, a new feature that displays your latest activities across many social networks — Digg, Flickr,, Twitter, YouTube, and many others.

That means automatic cross-networking and promotion right from your personal profile page. It also means that the your post updates, Twitter comments, Digg submissions, and other activities will appear on the Dashboard of all your BlogCatalog friends, and maybe their friends too. This is the kind of networking that can make posts go viral".

I feel with this feature, Blog Catalog compels the attention of bloggers and making it as the unbeatable leader in Bloggers' Community.
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