Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where can you sell your blog's ad space?

Well I reckon many but have I made any attempts to sell text ad links in my blog? Yes, just a couple of times but they did not yield any results. When at the time of offering the my services, this very blog at Google PR 4.

The next day, it is stripped to zero page rank. I think the mighty and angry Google, somehow knew of my devious plans to raise money from my blogs and slapped me in my face hard and square.

But that not deter me. I still offer to place text links but not in my blog but in my general web directory.

There are 9 places to sell text link ads in your website as per the knowledge of Arun Pal Singh. Yes, he is my fellow country man.

I am aware of all the places he has mentioned and I would add Digital Point Forum too. There are definitely a lot of forum based market places like DP forum but this is the best where one can sell text link ads.
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