Monday, September 29, 2008

Publisher Spot for bloggers.

I read about Publisher Spot in one of the blog posts of my friend Collingwood and he is not the English cricketer definitely.

The blogosphere is getting improved every day with advertisers offering newer ways to advertise their products and services in our blogs. I also noticed an increase in ad revenue for us.

In the last week itself, I was approached by three different companies that want me to put their text links in two of my other blogs. But so far, none advanced further.

More new companies approach a central marketing company who does the job of outsourcing the work for them from us.

PublisherSpot provides informative reviews and summaries of Internet ad network companies. Bloggers can learn a lot from these reviews of ad network companies before signing up with them.

There are a few companies that are new to me and that includes Banner Connect and Market Leverage. The reviews published by Publisher Spot is quite exhaustive.

Thank you Publisher Spot. You are very useful to me.
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