Sunday, October 19, 2008

Michael Phelps helped me to make money.

Immediately after his heroics in the Beijing Olympics, we were having a chat in front of the television and the idle talk was on how much Michael Phelps must be earning now.
I truly don't know how much does Michael Phelps make even after Olympic games are over!

I read a blog post on how to make money from using the name of Michael Phelps. I was quite interested with the concept. I wrote about it in my another blog, tracked its views and clicks and after about 20 days of posting the article, I realized I earned $7 through AdSense.

Not bad-eh?

I intend to implement this concept quite often by catching the latest search trends. Today, I am doing some research on Jet Airways and Kingfisher airlines, the two leading domestic airlines in India facing severe aviation recession. I will write a blog post on the topic tomorrow.
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