Thursday, January 22, 2009

Save money for your customers.

I am a very untidy person. I am not organized at all. It is just not in my blood. My husband grew tired educating me. He will say it will take the same time to keep a thing in an orderly manner as keeping it clumsily.

Every day, I spend a minimum of 30 minutes to search for something or the other. Yesterday, it was the official receipt for my own toll free number that I paid for my office.

At the end of an academic year and at the beginning of also, I receive 20 calls a day. Before getting the toll free number, I used to attend all the calls and at the end of the day, I would have talked for more than 8 hours including the classroom hours.

For this toll free number, I have activated the voice mail and that saved me precious time and energy.

In my city, toll free numbers are becoming increasingly popular for personal use also.

The parents of my students are leaving messages of gratitude as their calls are not charged now. I believe it is important business acumen.

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