Thursday, February 12, 2009

You own the blog, but are you there in it?

"You own the blog, but are you there in it?"-wonderful! Very thought provoking. Written by my friend Divya Uttam in her blog titled "Blogging to fame', she blogs like me or should I say I blog like her? A touch of personal should be visible in every blog post.

Even when you write a sponsored post, that personal touch should not be ignored. Read Divya's blog articles and you will find her opinions original and forthright.

This way of blogging should be learnt; it won't be easy initially for most of the new bloggers as they join the blogosphere to earn and not to blog.

Many new bloggers don't really spend time to others' blogs. It is a very valuable experience and I learnt how to pen the opening lines of a blog post, how to write good headlines, (I am yet to master it), why giving credit to your knowledge source is important, where to look for tips and guidelines etc, only by spending hundreds of hours reading others' blogs.

Blogging to fame should be subscribed by all the new comers to the blogging world. I admire Divya's knowledge and passion.
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