Thursday, March 05, 2009

Extra income from your blogs.

In spite of the unique rating system introduced by Blog Cytes, there never was a single assignment from them so far. I think I wrote about them almost six months ago.

Till date, I am yet to know of a blogger that is earning from Blog Cytes. But I do accept the fact that I know only a small circle bloggers and there may be bloggers who are earning through Blog Cytes.

For those new comers to this blog, I used to dig my past posts and write about them once in way. I think I wrote about Blog Cytes long back-may be six months before.

Blog Cytes is one of those web sites that pay you to blog for their clients and they pay through Paypal. You are given the liberty to reject a given blogging assignment based on your interest and policy.

Try them today.

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