Friday, April 24, 2009

Earn by writing for Bukisa.

Bukisa encourages writers to register with them and continue their writing and at the same time pay them for their work.

What can you do in Bukisa?
You can publish articles, share slides, submit videos & audio and what not?

The payment-how much?
Not much but if you are writer of great content and if you build up a loyal readership base, then you can make some decent sum.

The rate of pay?
It is now $3.42 per thousand impressions.

What else?
Sure, you can happily participate in their community, find new friends, rate their content and leave your comments.

You can republish your own articles that you have published elsewhere.

The article you submit to them should contain 250 words minimum. This put me away. I don't understand this minimum words requirement.
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