Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free resources for beautiful WP themes.

I want to tell you about three great places where you can browse through hundreds of wordpress themes.

Please don’t ignore it. I know you have come across resources for WP themes. But how many times you have noted them down and helped bloggers by writing about your find through your blog?

After all, isn’t that our job as a blogger? Whenever, you learn a new resource, please put it in your blog. It is your duty. You will be very happy to note that it helps thousands of bloggers who are searching for blogging resources.

Here are three places one can browse and select WP themes.


Here are excellent themes with great color combinations and appropriate headers.


This is too good a resource to bypass. Themes-in hundreds literally are neatly classified under various names and topics.


Find very many popular WP themes that are downloaded thousands of times.

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