Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Submit your blog to 100 search engines.

Very early in 2000, I used to submit my (so called) websites to every search engines that I came to know of. I used several submission software and visited every website that gave me free submission to hundreds of search engines and thousands of free classifieds and FFA sites.

I was really into big league in Internet Marketing and web advertising. At least I thought so of myself.

Man, what a great and interesting experience! I learnt of so many web advertising methods; I learnt and was comfortable with every other kin of submission software.

I entered in a big way in email marketing. I bought leads. Bought email marketing software.

The end result?
Except my advanced internet marketing knowledge, nothing went up. Oh yes, I forgot! My email inbox kept overflowing with confirmations and asking for submission confirmation from all the places that the software submitted my websites.

Well, if you want to all of my experience, here is a way to get them.
Visit SEOscores and enter URL of your website/blog and your email address.
There, you can select several or all the search engines in which you want to get listed.
Repeat the whole proces every month.

A few samples of Search Engines:

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