Friday, April 10, 2009

Swim-up suites at El Dorado Royale.

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“I prefer outdoor swimming. I don’t like indoor swimming pools; I am severely claustrophobic.

Imagine by excitement when I stepped out of my suite at El Dorado Royal and saw the winding artificial river connecting to a pool and swim-up bar. Aunt Malathy, it is so refreshing and I am madly splashing and screaming with sheer delight. I wish you were by my side”-email from my sister’s son who is enjoying is honeymoon in

Mexico along with his colleague who happened to get married on the same day my sister’s son got married. They planned their cancun honeymoons with my help.

Ocean Front Casita Suites at Karisma Hotels include veranda hammocks in which two can cuddle up.

In addition to such romantic offerings, El Dorado Royale also indulges romantics with divinely decadent pleasures like milk baths and aromatic massages in their dedicated spa.

That’s it! I called out to my husband and asked him to read the email. He turned scarlet and he is 53 years young.

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