Thursday, May 28, 2009

PayPerPost V4.0 Alpha - Just opened to bloggers.

PayPerPost V4.0 Alpha - Just opened to bloggers-well, it might have been online a few days before but I came to know of it only today.

So what is new in this program from the house of legendary Pay per Post who offers ways to earn by blogging?

For veterans of sponsored posts, there may not be anything new as they are already aware of the concept of making money by blogging through various words in their blog posts.

This PayPerPost V4, is called “sponsored conversation” that has introduced two income opportunities: “price per link” and “price per word”.

What is price per link?
You may be asked to link certain words in your blog posts to sponsors' websites and you are paid per link. You are allowed to fix the price per link and the minimum amount is $ 0.50 per link.

What is price per word?

This again relates to the number of words in your blog posts. Whatever amount you fix per word, you will be paid if accepted. The default amount is .03 per word; so, for a 200 word post, you will make $6.00, plus your ‘price per link’.

I know it is a bit confusing to totally new comers. But, you will get over it once you are with Pay per post for a week or so.

I am not registering with them because of their disclosure policy. In fact, that is why I have stayed away from them for the last two years. But I have gained valuable experience while working for them. I also enjoyed their community forum where I met quite a few human beings.

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